Spotlight On: Chemogiftbags

We love having Chemogiftbags as part of our Connect Reading community. Lynne Shipton, Founder of Chemogiftbags, took some time to answer some questions and tell us all about the organisation and how we can connect with all they’re doing.

Chemogiftbags provide free care packages for breast cancer patients and for those undergoing chemo in the Thames Valley. All the products we provide are in the bags for a reason and are all relevant to a cancer patient having chemo.
What was your biggest challenge last year?

I think this answer will be the same for many…. COVID-19, but we didn’t stand still,  we wrote new PPE policies to implement due to COVID.
We applied for grants, but because we had decided to refrain from offering our Chemogiftbags, we were no longer “front liners”, meaning no one would look at our applications. It was survival and still is, but we have adapted and learned from this awful experience and we are where we are, moving forward. Fortunately, still here  with a positive attitude, which is an asset to any charity as so many times you will get negatives.

What have you learned?

As a charity, we are always wanting things now, but Rome wasn’t built in a day, and other people do not always work at your pace so you have to be patient. It is always about moving forward.

What has been your biggest creative triumph as an organisation?

Becoming a charity in less than a year, winning an award for Organisation Champion.

Our live Afternoon Tea events for up to 100 guests. Such hard work, but such good fun!

Our new website. None of this could be done without our volunteers and ambassadors they are the essence and backbone of allowing us to operate, without these lovely people we could not do what we do.

Finally, it has to be the recipients that we offer this service to, they are all so appreciative of receiving our Chemogiftbags.

Why did you join Connect Reading?

You were recommended to Chemogiftbags when we started the charity. Connect Reading is a very good place  ‘for your go to’. I use them for everything. They are one of the only places where you get answered quickly and if they don’t know the answer they will do their best to find it out, nothing is too much trouble.

What are you most looking forward to?

Being able to get back and be with the people we support. Talking to them face to face, (at a safe distance) and hopefully being able to put on our live events and meeting the public.

Also learning how we can implement being better at what we do.

How can people connect with you and support what you’re doing?

They can connect with us through our website; and visit our social media channels – Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Spotlight On: Chemogiftbags
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