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We’re delighted to welcome Aspire2 to the Connect Reading community, our first new member in 2022! Helen Bligh, their Charity Development Manager, took the time to explain a little more of what Aspire2 is all about.

Aspire2’s aim is to deliver rich experiences to help children and young people in Whitley to realise their aspirations, improve self-esteem, develop self-awareness, resilience and have FUN. 

They work directly with schools and the community, and alongside many other organisations to enable children to take part in activities including outdoor education, cultural and leisure trips, sports activities, music, dance and performance, competitions and other participatory events throughout the year.  

They work to provide opportunities and experiences which many children and families take for granted, but are too often beyond the reach of families and children in South Reading.

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Why did you join Connect Reading?

We joined to connect with other organisations who can help us to build partnerships to deliver projects together, and also to help us to build a better picture of our community, and the specific needs that we are addressing, together with the potential impact we can deliver.

How are you building a better Reading for everyone?

By developing children’s soft skills and keeping their aspirations high as they transition to adulthood, we are helping to develop future Reading citizens who are more socially mobile, ambitious, educated and have a greater stake in society.

What has been the biggest thing you’ve learned as an organisation?

As a small organisation we have learned that partnerships are vital, and that working together with others can generate some fantastic results, often beyond what has been anticipated or planned for.

What are you most looking forward to in the year ahead?

We are looking forward to running more face to face activities (hopefully!), making more connections, and bringing more opportunities to the children of Whitley, especially around sport and music.

How can people connect with you and support what you’re doing?


Facebook – Aspire2

Twitter – @Aspire2Whitley

Instagram – @Aspire2Whitley

Spotlight On: Aspire2
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