Resource Xchange for Circular Economy

Minimise waste to help the environment, whlist also positively impact local community initiatives! Our Resource Xchange is the ultimate place to minimise waste and maximise impact.

Our Resource Xchange has sustainability at its heart. We work with organisations and businesses with surplus resources, connecting these with charities, schools or nonprofits.

How does it work?

If you’re a member of Connect Reading with items to spare, or if there are items you’re looking for, get in touch to let us know! We track everything on our CRM so the sooner we know, the better!

If you’re not (yet!) a member of Connect Reading but have items you would like to donate, then please get in touch with us to have a quick chat about logistics. Non-members using the Resource Xchange are invited to participate in our live campaigns. In short, instead of charging you to cover the admin cost of running the Resource Xchange, we are diverting your donation into a live, locally impactful campaign to support local people in need! Helping the environment and impacting the community in two ways … it’s a win win!

The Resource Xchange is a fantastic way to maximise social value, social impact and ESG goals, plus alleviates the strain on nonprofits’ budgets. Please note, we can’t guarantee that all items will be collected and rehomed through our Resource Xchange. Sometimes timing just doesn’t work out. But rest assured, we always do our very best!

Amount given

06/18 – 06/23


14,476 items


74 venues


2,721 hrs