Saving Furniture from Landfill

Sector: Business, Non-profit

No Compromise on Sustainability!

At a Glance

A Reading-based tech company (who were connected with one of our longest-standing business members, Active Workplace Solutions) refused to compromise on their sustainability values during their office move. During the complete overhaul of their new offices, the company found they had a lot of redundant furniture in need of a home. Enter Connect Reading with our #connected network of local organisations!

Even the kitchen sink!

We at Connect Reading are big believers in empowering our members. So when we put the call out to our nonprofit members, informing them of the available free office items … many responded! Armed with sticky labels in a room full of furniture, 6 Connect Reading non-profit members were given the opportunity to lay claim to items that would benefit their organisation. Desks, tables, chairs and other items quickly found a new home.

But the giving did not stop there! After a quick word with the landlord (and we are fairly sure, some gentle encouragement from Active WS due to their stellar record of reusing & recycling!), the tech company defied the age-old idiom by donating everything, including the kitchen sink, which, alongside the rest of the kitchen went to a local charity!

The impact

  • 6 local nonprofits were able to equip their offices and community spaces with furniture
  • A significant amount of furniture & equipment was saved from landfill, minimising waste
  • The social impact on local nonprofits was a real boost to the company’s CSR and 2021 ESG goals
  • Nonprofits were empowered, given the chance to choose items instead of receiving unwanted items