Reading Climate Youth Fair 2022

Sector: Education, Non-profit, Public sector

Reading’s Youth have a voice at the Climate Festival

At a glance

We connected the Reading Climate Action Network and Reading School which led to a collaboration for the Reading Climate Festival Youth Fair!

During the previous Climate Festivals, the voice of young people was often missing. RCAN were delighted to connect with the school, ensuring greater diversity of thought, voice and participation for the week-long event.

An Impactful Connection

Reading School have a long history of encouraging their students to participate in causes that matter. When they hosted one of Connect Reading’s Member Networking events in April 2022, Their Community Relations Manager, Dal Singh, was determined to make cross-sector connections in Reading, and Connect Reading became one of the key #connectors that supported this.

During networking, Dal was introduced to RCAN’s Co-Chair, Tracey Rawling-Church. After briefly discussing how the School could be used as a venue for some of the Climate Festival events, a Climate Festival Youth Fair hosted at Reading School went from idea to reality!

The Outcome

  • Young people were empowered to tackle the Climate Crisis
  • Reading School have continued their strong connection with RCAN (Reading Climate Action Network)
We were missing the voice of young people in our Reading Climate Festival so it was great to get this element added as we are trying to get involvement from all demographics in Reading.
Tracey-Rawling Church
Co-Chair, Reading Climate Action Network