Create cross sector connections for your non-profit

We get to know our members really well, and this means charities and non-profits receive targeted support and enter into impactful partnerships that are needed.

A connected community!

We serve over 150 members from the business, non-profit, education and public sector. This unique cross-sector model connects organisations for mutual benefit.

As a member you’ll have access to our monthly events where you can build relationships and showcase your work to local businesses, public services and other charities and non-profits.

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Why become a member?

Bi-monthly member networking

Connect with  businesses based locally

Reduce costs access unused resources

Promote your charity’s activities across 4 sectors

Bespoke support, advice and resources

Host a Business Team day with our Project support

Promote your activities through our newsletter & social media

Staff & volunteers can access free learning events

Unique partnerships for your benefit

Deals and discounts…

Unique 25% off our expert social value consultancy

Free first staff wellbeing questionnaire through the KAYA platform.

20% discount on room bookings (6 person meeting room & 12 person board room)

Access materials & resources through our member Resource Xchange

Your questions answered

Joining the Connect Reading network gives your charity access and connection to organisations from every sector. This helps boost the profile of your work, facilitates connections and partnership plus raises awareness of the needs you address through your work. In addition to our regular networking and learning sessions, our CEO sits on numerous local and regional strategic boards speaking up for our members and raising local issues.

You can see a full list of all Connect Reading Members here.

Yes! We facilitate lots of connections between our members, from every sector. Part of our Connection GDPR Policy ensures that when we make those connections, the person receiving the connection request is bcc’d. We can help you hone your intros and signpost you to other great resources when seeking to make more of these connections.

Our commitment to ‘local’ runs through all we do, and the sliding scale of membership makes membership as accessible as possible. So if your charity is part of a national charity, you will be charged as a national charity unless you have a separate charity number. This ensures we are fair and can support micro charities as equitably as we support those with more resources.

ESG is Environment, Social & Governance; formerly known as CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). ESG refers to the 3 key factors when measuring the sustainability and ethical impact of a business. Many companies refer to these as 3 pillars, and therefore choose to report in these areas.

Which membership is right for our charity?

Annual/membership charges are based on income per annum.

Micro charity,
up to £10k

£25 p/a

Small charity,
up to £25k

£50 p/a

Medium charity,
up to £250k

£100 p/a

Large charity,
up to £1m

£205 p/a

XL local,
up to £5m

£315 p/a

National & XXL charities,
over £5m

£1,060 p/a

If your non-profit is CIC, please head to the business page.

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Our connections…

We joined Connect Reading to start building bridges with the local business community, look for volunteers and funding opportunities and to connect with other charities across the area.

Marie French
Citizens Advice Reading