Well, That’s Interesting Tech

Sector: Business

Well, That’s Interesting Tech! is the only platform dedicated to showcasing how technology is being used to help achieve sustainability goals and make our world a better place. Founded by Scott Stonham, the platform provides inspiration as well as support for businesses looking to become more sustainable and a force for good.

What we do

I have a reputable brand in the intersection of sustainability plus technology, this can be used to help create awareness of companies operating in, or research in that space. I offer this either as independent articles on my website, or expert content creation for my clients own marketing collateral. Second, I have an extensive network across technology, investment, executive leadership, and sustainability, and I am happy to provide introductions where it makes sense for both parties. Lastly, I have spent the last three years working out how to incorporate positive, sustainable good practice into my business, and now would like to help others do the same.

Why we became a member

Having lived-in Reading since graduating from Cybernetics at the university in ’96, I’ve always had a passion for local innovation and community. Now, I established wellthatsinteresting.tech with a focus sustainability & technology, to promote how technologies are being used as a force for good.

Who we would like to connect with

I am always eager to find innovative businesses using technology to do amazing things to feature on my platform. Second, I would like to learn more from the University about the work they are doing in the area of sustainability, especially when it comes to research. Lastly, I am hoping that local businesses will be interested in some of the services that I can provide.

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