Vicky Poole Coaching

Sector: Business

Vicky Poole Coaching is a business member who focuses on improving confidence as well as being certified to deliver ‘Feel the Fear…And Do It Anyway!”

What we do

I have a large network of people and businesses in the area that I can tap into – so I may be useful for introductions.

As a trainer and coach, I have a strong emphasis on mental health and how the brain works. I would love to extend my learnings to all and readily offer free 20-30 minute company (or school) talks.

Most people ask me share how to turbo charge your brain to achieve your goals – or, how to make a game of letting go of your fears

Why we became a member

I believe that if you want to see change happen, then you yourself need to be the change.

I’ve lived in a Reading suburb since 2009 and I love the area. There is also much that can be improved within the area and I struggled to make the impact on a solo mission.

Together, we can make the world a better place.
Let’s start with where we live, and go from there.

Who we would like to connect with

Being part of a like-minded community is so important to me. We can bounce ideas for change, be the change, and help others to make the change too – even if it is simply talking about the Giving Tree or showing people how they can do it all online.

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