Time to Heal Directory

Sector: Non-profit

Time to Heal Directory are a Non Profit Community Business and our mission is to have a great impact on the lives of young people and disadvantaged families by helping them to be the best version of themselves and to help them to reach their highest potential by providing them with free counselling and coaching.

Our business model is set up to work with businesses to help their businesses to thrive through business coaching and wellbeing services and in doing this, we are then able to provide free counselling and coaching to young people and families who need it.

What we do

We provide the following services to corporate businesses, One to One and Team Group Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Strategic Coaching, Employee Counselling and Mental Health Wellbeing Sessions, Mental Health First Aid Workshops, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Coaching/Workshops, Meditation Workshops, On site Gym Instructor, Intercellular Healer Advisor (Alkaline your Body)and through this work a percentage of our fees will go back into our business to provide the free counselling and coaching to young people and families in need.

Why we became a member

I joined Connect Reading because they are passionate about bringing businesses together and will hopefully help us to build some good connections in the local area.

Who we would like to connect with

We would like to connect with organisations who want support to achieve their goals as well as supporting their employees mental wellbeing.

I have been given a great opportunity to present a Wellbeing Workshop with Connect Reading, which will give us the opportunity to get in front of businesses and build connections.
Pauline Toussaint

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