The Royal Berks Charity

Sector: Non-profit

Royal Berks Charity are a charity that supports your local NHS hospital and services across Berkshire and South Oxfordshire. Our aim is to improve and enhance patient and staff experience across our sites by supporting new projects and purchasing new equipment in a way that government funding wouldn’t allow.

What we do

There are hundreds of ways that you can show your support. Whether you want to make a donation, join our lottery, or take part in one of our fundraising events we can help find something that will suit you. Your support will help us realise our vision of improving patients’ lives, supporting our NHS staff, and building a better community to deliver the best quality of care in all our hospitals across the Trust.

Why we became a member

We joined Connect Reading to meet like-minded members and to spread the word of the Royal Berks Charity within our local area.

Who we would like to Connect with

A partnership with the Royal Berks Charity demonstrates your commitment to protecting your local hospital, NHS patient quality and staff wellbeing.The Royal Berks Charity is proud to work with a variety of different companies and organisations. Whether you choose us as your charity of the year, sponsor a fundraising event or provide gifts or expertise in kind, your support will make a huge difference to the causes we support.

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