The Butterfly Community Cafe

The Butterfly Community Cafe

Sector: Non-profit

The Butterfly Community Café C.I.C are a not-for-profit business set up to provide work experience and customer service based food industry education to young people with severe learning difficulties.

What we do

We have a coffee van that we take to the schools where the young people feel comfortable and supported by the staff and pupils of the school. Not only do the students learn how to be competent Baristas, they also learn about food hygiene, customer service, functional money skills and health & Safety in modules. We also see huge benefits to their self confidence and anxiety levels as we have fun whilst learning. We are an ASDAN accredited provider and the young people receive certification upon completion of their modules.

Why we became a member

We want to connect with other work experience and educational providers so students can continue their learning and eventually enter paid or voluntary work when they have finished in our programme.

Who we would like to connect with

Special Needs Schools

Other ‘Transition to adulthood’ type providers

Local businesses who may be able to offer support (financial or otherwise)

Sector related organisations

Whitley CDA
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Reading School