Stepping Forward

Sector: Non-profit

Stepping Forward facilitates and accelerates access to essential services, information and resources so that disabled people and carers can live a full life. We work from our Disability Hub, created two years ago in Reading, which promotes community and provides free/low cost space to disability organisations. We link in solidarity with international initiatives, supporting work on albinism, epilepsy and autism in several African countries.


What we do

We support disabled individuals and carers through our Disability Advice & Support Service, helping people to access essential support, eg DLA/PIP, and securing specialist equipment. We deliver disability awareness sessions with schools. Despite progress in equality legislation, negative public attitudes and awkwardness about disability prevail.

Why we became a member

We joined Connect Reading to meet local organisations, and to make new connections.

Who we would like to connect with

Organisations and individuals who may be interested in our work.

We were delighted to receive some chairs for our offices from BP in Pangbourne via Connect Reading. 
Sarah Snow
Trustee, Stepping Forward

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