Rotary Club of Reading Abbey

Sector: Non-profit

Reading Abbey Rotary Club try to add value in the community by supporting local charities. We meet weekly and enjoy fun doing things to raise money or to provide hands on help. Our latest project “Launch Reading” provides free training for new entrepreneurs.

What we do

We are part of Rotary International which provides services to communities throughout the world. We have been prime movers in the eradication of polio. Locally we enjoy meeting together and helping local charities through financial support and hands on help.

Why we became a member

To network and expand our reach in our local area.

Who we would like to connect with

We hope to connect with local charities and local groups who want to help those who need some assistance in our community.

You have advertised our Duck Race and used a super video to do so. Your social media skills are better than ours and have helped get our news out to others.
Greg Wilkinson
Community Service Chair, Reading Abbey Rotary Club

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