Reading FC Community Trust

Reading FC Community Trust

Sector: Non-profit

Reading FC Community Trust is the community arm of the football club, caring for, developing and educating people of all ages and abilities within the local Reading and surrounding areas, delivering a range of sessions and activities through four main activity pillars: Health, Education, Social Inclusion and Sports Participation.

In 2021-22, the Community Trust employed a total of 96 staff to support the club’s communities and it is estimated that Community Trust employees provided 49,790 hours of support to the local communities in 2021-22.

The Trust established and built partnerships with 77 different organisations in 2021-22 to help generate resources and support their communities.

In 2021-22, the Community Trust generated £1,575,582 of income and funding to invest in community projects, initiatives and wider support.

n 2021/22, a total social value of £12,467,716.38 was generated by the projects and programmes delivered to the communities of Reading and can be broken down into outcome pillars:

£333,416.65 coming from savings and contributions associated with physical health £5,914,627.45 coming from mental health

£4,764,066.10 coming from community/social outcomes

£1,455,606.19 coming from outcomes relating to education, training and employment


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