Sector: Non-profit

Chemogiftbags ​​is dedicated to helping men and women in the Thames Valley who are undergoing chemotherapy following a breast cancer diagnosis by providing free of charge giftbags to help them through their treatment.

What we do

At a difficult and daunting time in their lives, Chemogiftbags supplies practical support and an emotional boost in the form of free of charge giftbags, containing carefully curated products, that can help breast cancer patients through their chemotherapy treatment.

​People are often unaware of what they are going to need as they embark on treatment. A chat with one of our Ambassadors and the gift of a ‘hug in a bag’ helps take away some of the stress at the outset, and starts them on their journey in a positive way. For some, who are struggling with the extra costs they are faced with, our bags can be a lifeline.​

Why we became a member

To spread the word about the work of the charity within a group of like minded organisations and help us connect with those that we can build mutually beneficial relationships with.

Who we would like to connect with

We’d love to get to know more local businesses who may be able to support us in some way.

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