Browning York

Browning York

Sector: Business

Browning York is a purpose-led organisation, providing specialist communications support to organisations that make the world a kinder place. As part of my work, I run the Time for Kindness programme, an initiative to share stories of the kindness that already exists in the world.

What we do

Communication support includes: communication audits; communication strategy and plans – I can either write them for you or train you to do it yourself; copy writing for a range of materials; communications mentoring to support you and boost your confidence. The Time for Kindness programme ( is about sharing stories of kindness to give us all a boost and inspire hope and positivity.

Why we became a member

To make connections with local organisations and individuals, to learn from each other and work together for mutual benefit.

Who we would like to connect with

– Any individual or organisation that has a story of kindness that they want to share
– Not-for-profit organisations that want to improve their communications – getting the right messages to the right people in order to achieve your desired outcomes

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