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Sector: Business

Breathing Mindful Coaching was founded by Nikki St Paul, a Mind, Body & Breath Coach. Combining knowledge, skills and expertise from Life & Breath Coaching and Mindfulness Meditation to enable a beautiful blend of mind, body and breath to support clients to achieve their goals.

What we do

The services offered include personalised private coaching via a 1:1 online coaching program, corporate wellbeing workshops (online and in-person) and classes in the local community (Berkshire and surrounding areas)

Why we became a member

For connection, community and collaboration

Who we would like to connect with

  • Other wellbeing practitioners for collaborative endeavours e.g. workshops/programs
  • Organisations (small, medium or large) in Reading that are looking for practical, effective workplace wellbeing solutions to help them deliver their wellbeing strategy:
    • Mindfulness programs – Unlock the power of Mindfulness in the workplace. Benefits include:Stress reduction, Improved Focus, Building Resilience, Enhanced Creativity, Emotional Regulation and Better Decision-making
    • Online or in-person meditation sessions for employees
    • Breathwork sessions to help employees relieve stress, find energy, balance and calm

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