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Sector: Non-profit

Aspire2 provides extra-curricular and enrichment activities for children and young people in the disadvantaged area of Whitley in South Reading. Through provision of these activities we seeks to expand horizons, break down barriers and support these young people to aspire to a brighter future

What we do

That children in all areas of Reading have an equal opportunity to access enrichment activities that enable them to overcome the impact of social, financial and cultural disadvantage. Projects we fund develop skills that are essential to successful, happy, fulfilled lives.
To empower children and families to access non-formal learning and enrichment opportunities that will enable them to gain skills to improve their engagement with their local community and their future.
To work with children and families in disadvantaged areas of Reading, to develop their capacity and skills in such a way that, they are better able to identify and help meet their own needs and participate more fully in society.  A key aim is to involve the community in our work and to empower families to aspire to improved futures for themselves and their children. Through activities that develop skills and aspirations, we aim to develop:
1. Increased social mobility
2. Better self-awareness and resilience
3. Improved self-esteem
4. Ability to make informed decisions

Why we became a member

For the amazing networking opportunities, to be part of a community, and to have a wider platform to share what we do, and to hear about what others do so we can work together and support each other

Who we would like to connect with

Businesses who can offer us volunteers and funding (either cash or in kind) support

Sector related organisations

Whitley CDA
Reading School
Reading FC Community Trust