Market Garden Project for Local School

Sector: Business, Education

Brookfields School & VISA

At a glance

We linked VISA and Brookfields School (a local SEN school) which blossomed into a long-term partnership! As part of VISA’s global volunteering month during the Summer of 2021, we connected these two members. VISA organised a virtual event with Brookfields School,  going on to donate £1,500 to Brookfield’s Market Garden project and committing to support this project.

A Curated Connection

For an hour, VISA gathered a team of their senior leaders to hear about the Brookfield School Market Garden. The team consisted of:

  • their Head of Technology (Europe)
  • their European Management Team
  • the Head of Learning (Europe)
  • the European HR Director and
  • the Head of Corporate Services (Europe)

Due to Covid, the initiative was online so Brookfields could present and share their experiences of launching this new and exciting initiative. Students presented and shared their stories, whilst VISA’s team offered advice and asked questions. This gave students an opportunity to answer questions carefully, explaining challenges and achievements. The students were great – speaking publicly to an audience and holding their own in a conversation to strangers they had not even met before!

The impact

  • VISA offered to be a sponsor for this initiative and donated £1,500 to the project
  • Brookfields students had an opportunity to present to – and interact with – an audience of professionals that they would otherwise not encounter, building skills & confidence
  • VISA promised continued connection to assist where possible
We are very grateful to Visa for the practical and financial support that they have provided to Brookfields School. We are also grateful to Connect Reading for putting us together.
Charlotte Wilshire
Brookfields School