Cost of Living Workshop for Students

Sector: Education, Non-profit

Vital Workshop for Struggling Students

At a glance

We had the opportunity to link 3 of our members to ensure that students could access a workshop about the cost of living crisis, and potential available support.

Advice and Guidance on the Cost of Living Crisis

Connect Reading linked the University of Reading, RUSU (Reading University Students Union) and local advice-giving charity, Citizens Advice Reading. RUSU Welfare Officers were receiving multiple requests for support in the midst of the cost of living crisis. When they asked Connect Reading who might be able to deliver advice or training, we linked them with Citizens Advice to ensure relevant, up-to-date information about locally-available support.

The Impact

  • Students accessed information about available support to help them in a time of crisis
  • Citizens Advice Reading sent Fraser to connect with students, delivering informative, accessible and relaxed training in the Students Union
  • RUSU Welfare Officers established a helpful link with a key Citizens Advice Reading staff member