Case Study: Visa and Brookfields School

Case Study: Visa and Brookfields School


Connect Reading connected Visa and Brookfields School and a long-term partnership has been created!

As part of Visa’s global volunteering month in June 2021, Visa organised a virtual event with Brookfields School.

Visa have also have donated £1,500 to Brookfield’s Market Garden project and committed to continued support of this project.


Brookfields wanted to find a partner for their Market Garden Project. 


Visa organised a volunteering event, where Nick Atkinson, Head of Technology – Europe and his European Management Team, Ian Fordham, Head of Learning-Europe, Sarah Holmes-Hackered, European HR Director & Mike Povey, Head of Corporate Services-Europe, gave an hour of their time to hear Brookfield’s story on their Market Garden. Due to Covid this initiative quickly shifted online and the technology dept. at Visa arranged the session virtually so Brookfields could present and share their experiences on how they launched this new and exciting initiative.

It was an adrenaline-charged hour with the students presenting and sharing their stories. Visa’s team offered advice and asked specific questions on their tasks, giving the students opportunities to answer questions carefully and to explain their challenges and achievements. The students were great – speaking publicly to an audience and holding their own in a conversation to strangers they had not even met before!


  • Visa offered to be their main sponsor for this initiative and as a result have donated £1500 to the project.
  • Brookfields have higher goals to achieve over the summer months and Visa have promised continued connection to assist where they can, once everyone is back in the office.

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Case Study: Visa and Brookfields School
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